Quaker Wood Sheds in VA

The Quaker Storage Sheds from VA give a wide front overhang. 

What can the A-Frame Workshop Utility Shed be used for?

Wood Shed

The Quaker wood shed is not a typical wood shed; the wide front overhang gives it a fresh, unique look in your backyard. Declutter your yard by keeping all your tools and pieces of garden equipment in one convenient location, instead of leaving them lying around. Enjoy watching the flowers blooming and the birds singing while keeping your yard neat and clean with this beautiful and nifty quaker shed.

It can be more than a storage

The quaker wood shed is useful for more than just a storage shed. Who knows, as it may be the start of a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the space for. The opportunities are limitless with what you can turn your shed into (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). Check out these “9 Hobbies That Need An Entire Shed’s Worth Of Dedicated Space”. 

Don’t limit yourself. It’s time to have a space of your own, whether it will be a she-shed or a man cave. The quaker wood shed is a healthy economical way to start your hobby by having space just a few steps from your home.

Options for Your A-Frame Cottage garden Shed

The Quaker wood shed is an attractive looking shed with its unique wide overhang that is different from any typical wood-shed. We use high-quality materials such as the  LP exterior Smart Panel Siding. This wood shed is made to last. Choose a size and color that will match with your yard or check out our inventory deals if you want a stock quaker shed that’s ready to deliver.

Standard Quaker Shed Features

  • One Double Door
  • Two side windows
  • 18″ overhang on one side
  • 2×6 floor joist 16″ OC
  • Metal or Shingled roof.

Choose which Utility Shed fits you!

Save money and improve your life by having extra space to store your valuables, and support your hobby. It will also save you money by keeping your valuables from getting rusty in the harsh weather. View our various storage sheds and settle for the one that will fit your fancy.

If you’re thinking a one-time payment will prevent you from purchasing this beautiful shed, you’re in luck. You can Rent to Own your JZ Utility Barn that will allow you to have the shed you want with easy monthly low payment. It’s better than renting a storage unit or an office. Your valuables are close, and your shed will be a few steps from your home—prefect if you want to turn your shed into a hobby workshop. Get a free quote from us or give us a call at 276-686-1683 to talk about your future quaker shed.