Prefab A-Frame Single Car Garage

Save yourself money, hassle, and extra wear and tear on your vehicle with a small affordable prefab garage.

Benefits of Owning a Prefab Garage

Protect Your Car for the Long Haul

You know your car, mower, or tractor will benefit from a roof overhead. There’s plenty of cheap carports on the market, but why sink money in a temporary fix? Not only will a portable garage from JZ Utility Barns maximize the life and looks of your car, it’s sure to outlive it as well.

Placing a solid shelter around your car isn’t just about longevity either. You’ll be more comfortable, and may even sleep longer and easier knowing you don’t need to clean snow off your car before you can leave for work midwinter.

Storage and Shelter In One

It’s not uncommon to need more storage space. Whether you need to reclaim living space in your home, store your garden tools and outdoor equipment, or even start a workshop to support your hobbies, there are many great ways that a shed can improve your home and property. Double the impact of your investment by solving both your garage and storage shed needs at the same time with a prefab garage.

Your Garage. Your Way.

Just because your garage is prefab doesn’t mean it won’t be uniquely yours. We build every structure in our shop for efficiency, which translates to savings we pass off to you, our customers. That said, every garage we build is a unique structure. After selecting a size you need, make your garage uniquely yours with a custom paint or stain color, and/or opt for more features such as a loft, shelving, extra doors or windows, ramps, etc.

Standard Prefab Garage Features:

  • One 3′ House Door w/glass
  • One 9×7′ Garage Door w/glass
  • Two 24×36″ Windows w/screens
  • 2×6″ Floor Joist 12″ On Center
  • 7’4 1/2″ Side Walls
  • Metal or Shingled Roof

Options for your prefab Garage

  • Sizes ranging from 12×20′ to 14×44′
  • Painted or Stained Siding
  • Lap, Log and Vinyl Siding Also Available
  • Loft or Workbench
  • Ramps in Many Sizes

    Why you should buy a Mini Storage Barns!

    If you like what you’re seeing in our A-Frame Prefab Single Car Garage, we’ve made it easy to get started towards your own. Give us a call, or request a garage quote online. Purchasing is easy with our straightforward outright pricing or rent-to-own financing options. For a real solid garage built locally in Virginia delivered to your door at a price you can’t refuse, get in touch with us today.